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Thank you for your interest in the James Banks Foundation (JBF). It is our mission to see that animals, specifically domestic canines and African wildlife, live out their lives in a loving, healthy and safe environment. The James Banks Foundation provides funding only to US-Based 501(c)(3) exempt nonprofit and charitable organizations. Applications are welcomed and considered on a rolling basis. Within the United States, we have historically reserved our grants for organizations based in northern Illinois, including Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, as well as Southern Wisconsin. For more information, please read the Grant Application information available in our FAQs, Tips, and Rules/Guidelines below before submitting your organization’s grant application.

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The undersigned, is Executive Director of (hereinafter referred to as the organization), which is applying for a grant from the James Banks Foundation.

In connection with such application, the undersigned certifies that the organization has received determinations from the Internal Revenue Service which have not expired or been revoked or terminated, that (I) it is an organization described in Code Section 501(c)(3) which is exempt from Federal Income Tax, and (II) either (1), (2) or (3) of code Section 509(a) or (ii) the organization is an exempt operating foundation as defined in Code Section 4940(d)(2).