Dinokeng Bull Collaring


In December 2016, ERP received an emergency call to assist the Dinokeng Game Reserve with a 911 Elephant call when one of their elephants broke out of the reserve and was hit by an ambulance on a major freeway. The elephant survived and we found him a number of days later. Unfortunately the driver of the ambulance did not survive the incident.

Through your Jim’s support, ERP were able to collar the large bulls in the Dinokeng reserve to ensure that we were able monitor them and protect them when they broke out of the reserve which became a regular event.

The funding provided the following support for the operation:

  • Purchasing of three satellite collars
  • Appointment of professional vet
  • Obtaining darting and collaring permits
  • Logistical requirements such as fuel, equipment, materials,etc.
  • Helicopter and pilot rental for the day.
  • Immobilisation drugs
  • 2 year service fee for collars


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