PAWS Chicago: Advocating For Domestic Dogs Since 1997


Over the past 20 years, PAWS Chicago has taken great strides to improve the lives of domestic canines. In 1997, when PAWS Chicago first opened its doors, it was a much different time. The streets of Chicago were overrun by furry inhabitants, a plight of homeless dogs and puppies without homes and also seemingly without hope. The tragic result of the overflowing shelters, drained of resources, was the euthanasia of 42,000 animals in Chicago.

But year after year, PAWS Chicago has given so many more animals hope. Every day, PAWS goes to Chicago Animal Care and Control (the city pound), accepts pets from families who can no longer care for them, and transports animals from shelters in other states.

As of 2018, the number of euthanized animals has decreased to 5,000 and PAWS Chicago has played no small part in this. Last year, PAWS’ shelter medicine veterinarians, at the Medical Center in the Little Village neighborhood, spayed/neutered 16,700 animals to help reduce the number of unwanted pets.

What’s more, PAWS provides medical care and behavioral training, if needed, prior to adoption, ensuring these animals are placed into new and loving homes where they will thrive. Their policy is: once a PAWS animal, always a PAWS animal, meaning that, if circumstances lead an owner to have to surrender a dog from PAWS, they’ll take it back without questions asked. This reduces the possibility that any dog will simply be thrown aside.

PAWS continues to work toward its goal—to make Chicago a “No Kill” city—and deserves recognition for their commendable altruism and dedication to domestic animal welfare.

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