PAWS Chicago: New Medical Center Will Treat Illnesses Plaguing Homeless Animals


When Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas, residents faced unimaginable tragedy and needed immediate assistance; PAWS Chicago was on the ground, clearing shelters so displaced animals could find refuge, emergency care and hope.

As a No Kill animal shelter with over 20 years of experience, PAWS Chicago is leading the movement to turn Chicago into a No Kill city, performing 220,000+ spay / neuter surgeries since they opened their doors in 1997. Over the course of their existence, PAWS has played an integral part in reducing the overpopulation of homeless animals in Chicago and nationwide. They have opened a number of innovative centers to accomplish these goals:
•  Lurie Spay / Neuter Center in 2000
•  Lincoln Park Adoption Center in 2007
•  Additional Adoption Center in Highland Park in 2014

PAWS’ staff of dedicated volunteers, its experienced veterinary medicine professionals, and its state-of-the-art facilities allow the shelter to take in homeless animals that face the worst of circumstances. Treating the illnesses and behavioral issues that plague these homeless animals, PAWS is able to provide animals with new, healthy lives and hope by placing them into loving homes.

As they expand on their mission and reflect on their capabilities, PAWS Chicago aims to build the largest No Kill medical center in the country, which will allow them to take in three times as many animals as they currently can and triple their efforts in ending the overpopulation of homeless animals in America.

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