Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance: Intervention and Adoption Programs


Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance, located in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago is breaking down barriers, and opening lines of communication to improve the understanding of the care involved in domestic animals with their Intervention and Adoption programs that take a proactive approach to keeping animals from entering shelters to begin with and sustaining the homes animals are matched with when adopted.

Their Wellness and Learning Center is committed to understanding the underlying issues that consequently result in the abandonment of animals at shelters. The mission at Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance is to ignite conversations and slowly disintegrate these barriers that are cause for animal abandonment. With these goals in mind, the Intervention and Adoption programs were developed.

Intervention Program
Many people in the community call when behavioral problems or medical care has stretched beyond what they find manageable and within an affordable scope and believe there is no other solution open to them but to surrender their furry companion. The Intervention Program supports people through the help of counselors and by sourcing affordable solutions for training and medical attention. The center takes approximately 20-30 phone calls per day and maintains relationships with the animal’s guardians to oversee their lasting success. Approximately 500 animals per year are saved from entering kill shelters, where overcrowding can lead to unnecessary euthanasia, and in turn improving community education for the care of their domestic animals.

Adoption Program
Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance focuses their efforts on supporting the most vulnerable animal populations from euthanasia in kill shelters, which includes, seniors, behavioral challenge animals, and bonded pairs of cats and dogs. With each animal having special needs, the adoption process includes the establishment of a life plan for the animal, which includes in depth preparation for the ongoing success of the animal’s care by understanding future obstacles, such as adding another furry companion, having a baby, or even in the event of death. This step is significantly important to reducing the number of animals brought back to shelters when adopters and animals are inappropriately matched, or ill prepared for their lifelong needs.

The James Banks Foundation is helping Famous Fido Rescue & Adoption Alliance reach goals with their support to Famous Fido’s Intervention and Adoption Programs, and together are working on keeping animals out of shelters and improving the overall understanding of the responsibility involved in caring for a cat or dog for life.To learn more, visit:


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