James Banks

Jim launched a successful business career with Automatic Data Processing (ADP) becoming the youngest Division President in ADP’s history. Having accomplished what he wanted in the corporate world, Jim turned his entrepreneurial spirit and energy into the healthcare field. In 1992, Interactive Health Solutions (IHS) was founded in Jim’s garage. IHS was an early pioneer in early disease detection and developed into a full-service workplace wellness provider. IHS’s mission was dedicated to an often-overlooked demographic, the busy American workforce, whose health often became secondary to career prioritization.

In 2015, Jim retired as Chairman of IHS, leaving behind a legacy of creating the industry’s largest health and wellness companies. In the spirit of having spent most of his life focused on improving the health and welfare of the American public, he shifted that same mentality into helping improve the lives of animals. In 2018, The James Banks Foundation was founded with the goal of using the fortune he accrued over a prosperous career in business, to one of his true passions, the love and welfare of animals.

Jim has been a devoted dog owner throughout his life and presently lives with his Brittany Spaniel, Cassie.


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