Joseph O’Brien

A father of 6 children and their dog Bailey, one of Joe’s favorite mottos is “a home is not a true home until you add a dog.” Like Jim, Joe had a long and successful corporate career at Automatic Data Processing (ADP). Joe was best known for his ability to start up new businesses within ADP as well as turnaround existing failing lines of business. He had quick success as someone who likes a challenge, which led to numerous senior roles within multiple divisions and locations of ADP. In 2003, after 26 years and many relocations of his family, Joe left ADP knowing he had accomplished all of his goals in the corporate world and was ready for the next chapter.

Joe was a founding investor in Interactive Health Solutions (IHS), ultimately joining the firm in 2003 as President, and then quickly becoming CEO. Lifelong friends, Joe and Jim had extensive visions for the company to help as many of the American workforce as possible. IHS would go on to become the largest and most comprehensive wellness firms in the country. As they say, the rest is history. Joe successfully grew the business and under his stewardship moved the company through two private sales, ultimately retiring in 2016. Joe has since turned his time and efforts to various philanthropic initiatives with none more important to him than being a part of the James Banks Foundation.


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